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There was a lot of pain in that area, and I wanted not only to get back to golf but to get that free range of motion in my right arm back. Around 5-6 weeks later, I have come full circle and will be back on the golf course very soon. Of course, I will pay attention to the warm-up exercises
-Peggy V.

The quality of care is outstanding. Beginning with the simple education of posture and how your body works, through simple but exact body movements and exercises, I have gained the ability and confidence to go back to normal activities such as playing tennis and working on my computer. The continual watchful eye of the staff assisting in exercises and teaching proper form along with explanations of why I am doing them has made the entire experience worthwhile, and I will use them forever.

-Harold E.

When I first started at APT, my left elbow was becoming a concern. In the past, I would notice tenderness on touch, but I began to have pain on certain movements. I noticed it when lifting, drinking from a cup, and doing daily chores such as washing dishes. Functional Manual Therapy at APT has helped alleviate the pain on movement substantially! I expect this issue to take a while to completely resolve, but I believe I have been given invaluable tools to continue to heal and to prevent further injury to my right elbow.  Thank you APT.

-Katherine D.

I am an athlete and an avid outdoorsman. I had shoulder surgery 10 years ago and hand surgery in October of this year. I came to Advanced Physical Therapy for rehab on my hand. They not only helped me rehab very well and very quickly with full use and range of motion in my fingers, hand and wrist, but they increased the range of motion in my shoulder so that I can do sports and activities I haven’t been able to do since my shoulder surgery! I highly recommend this team, the exercises they teach you, and this type of therapy for any type of pain or injury. I will be back; that’s for sure.

-Jack C.

I came to APT with carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. The therapists and staff used hands on therapy to treat my arm, and they reeducated me on movement patterns, posture and even how to sit at my desk. I’ve been doing it all wrong for years! I feel better and am more active than ever.  APT is awesome!
-Stacy L.